About Us | Texas Agency Alliance

Texas Agency Alliance, Inc. was formed by Perry Hunter Hall, Inc. as a subsidiary to:

  • Establish a network of Independent, insurance agency partners who want to grow and profit!
  • Offer independent agents the ability to remain independent, gain new markets, increase income and agency value, and receive profit sharing & supplemental commissions without having to sell, merge or cluster!

What is a Master Agency?

  • TAA is a Master Agency serving independent agents in 134 counties throughout Texas. TAA is 1 of 60 Master Agency Members throughout 48 states and Canada.
  • TAA provides ongoing resources to each agency member to enhance their success through higher retention, new business written, and additional income.
  • The concept leading to the establishment of SIAA was originally developed in 1983 in the New Hampshire area. The original “Agents Network”, called SAN, was built by an agency owner, Jim Masiello
  • As a result of the tremendous success of the original network, SIAA was created to replicate this “success story” in other states utilizing successful agents in each state to serve as “Master Agencies”.
  • To date, the SIAA Network has grown to include over 4000 Independent Member Agencies. The premium volume represented isĀ over 5 billion. TAA became an SIAA Master Agency in the spring of 2001. TAA has experienced tremendous growth and currently has in excess of 50 agency locations in the state of Texas.